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Our official Season begins April 1st and ends October 31 each year.

Currently, we are open 9am – 5pm Eastern Thursday through Monday. We will close Tuesdays and may have limited hours/appointment only Wednesdays, once our seasonal customers have been launched. If for some reason you come to visit and miss us during these hours, we appreciate your patience, you can call us at 812-988-9400 to schedule a time to come back or you can book a time for a boat launch at the link below.


You can now reserve a time online to book launch times for your boat. Generally, we have opened up the hours of 10:00AM – Noon and 1:30PM – 3:30PM Eastern for launches. We are working our way though contacting tenants and getting them on the lake but if you are a lake resident or other person wanting to launch from our ramp, you should consider booking a time to ensure we have availability.

Boat Launch Bookings