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Marina Rules


Lake Lemon Marina is an active place for recreation with lots of people and families visiting or renting docks who have investments in the safety of their loved ones and their watercraft. These rules and regulations help assure the safety and comfort of all Marina tenants and guests as well as the Marina itself. These Rules should be reviewed by everyone to assure compliance and are included, by reference, in all Marina Agreements. “Tenant” as used in these Rules means a person who has licensed under an agreement with the Marina (“Marina Agreement”) a wet or dry dock from the Marina.

  1. Identification. All Watercraft (and trailers) berthed, docked, or stored (“Docked”) in the Marina must be properly registered as required by Indiana state law. Registration numbers or licenses, as applicable, shall be displayed according to the regulations of the issuing agency. A Lake Lemon Conservancy District (“LLCD”) boat permit is required for most Watercraft to use Lake Lemon and must be purchased at the Marina and displayed on all such Watercraft.
  2. Compliance with Laws. Marina visitors, Watercraft owners, and their invitees and authorized users must comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, rules and regulations (“Applicable Regulations”) of any U.S. federal, state, county, and municipal authority (“Authority”), including, without limitation, carrying/wearing all required safety and life saving devices. Applicable Regulations include, without limitation The Handbook of Indiana Boating Laws and Responsibilities and the LLCD Lake Lemon Rules and Ordinances.
  3. Insurance. Watercraft Docked in the Marina will have and maintain in effect, for the duration of Agreements, an “all-risk” insurance policy, in an amount at least equal to the actual value of the Watercraft and the Watercraft’s contents and any appurtenant equipment (e.g., a Lift). A certificate of insurance shall be filed with any Marina Agreement application and the certificate shall be maintained at the Marina office.
  4. Dock Use. Only those Watercraft or Lifts designated in Marina Agreements may occupy their assigned Docks. No commercial or business use shall be made of the docks or facility without the express written consent of the Marina.
  5. Exchange or Subleasing Slips. No swapping, exchanging, sharing, assigning, or sublicensing of Docks shall be permitted without prior written consent of Marina.
  6. Boat Mooring. Watercraft shall be properly secured to the Dock with bow, stem and spring lines necessary to safely and securely connect to the Dock by using the cleats provided by the Marina at the Dock. Only Marina personnel may install additional cleats. Lines shall be minimally one-half inch in diameter for strength and chafing protection should be provided. All Watercraft shall be outfitted with fenders to protect the dock and Watercraft. If Marina staff see that a Watercraft is improperly secured, the Marina may in the Marina’s discretion and without liability, provide new lines and/or refasten the craft and charge for this service. Marina personnel are available to advise on proper methods of mooring and line and fenders may be available in the Marina store. No dock boxes, steps, pads, or other modifications to docks are permitted without prior written permission. Dock walkways shall be kept clear of owners’ lines, supplies, equipment and trash.
  7. Child, Guest, and Personal Safety. Children and non-swimmers shall be encouraged to wear personal flotation devices on boats and around the docks and shorelines.  All children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. No running or swimming is permitted in the Marina. Fishing is not allowed at the Marina without permission from the Marina ownership. The launching ramp is extremely slick and extreme care must be used around it. Normal launch/load procedures do not require anyone to enter the water. Marina personnel are available to advise on proper methods of launching and loading Watercraft.
  8. Fire Protection. No fires are allowed on Watercraft or Docks within the Marina. Charcoal grills may be used only in designated areas, with the prior permission of the Marina. Watercraft may NOT be fueled by any other method except from pumps at the Marina fuel dock. Any fuel cans or other receptacles that are not an essential part of the Watercraft are prohibited at the Marina, except those that hold less than or equal to 1 gallon of gas and are to be used for emergency use only. No exceptions are allowed, except as expressed in the immediately preceding sentence. The fuel dock is a strict no smoking area and posted rules shall be followed there. No boat repair, paint removal or cleaning operations resulting in flammable waste or using open flames shall be permitted.
  9. Electrical Safety. All electrical connections to Watercraft will be made at the adjacent power post. Connecting cables shall be of an approved type, in good condition, suitable for marine applications and kept out of the water. Boat electrical equipment shall be maintained in good and safe condition.
  10. Weather Conditions. Each Watercraft owner has sole responsibility for his/her boat’s protection from any type of weather or other geological event. The Marina will assist when feasible and offer services, at standard rates, if time and staff availability allow but recommends that all Watercraft be examined personally as soon as possible after storm conditions for dewatering and damage.
  11. Sanitary Facilities. Overboard discharge of any waste is prohibited on Lake Lemon. The Marina has pump out equipment for watercraft (and RV’s) for removing waste from holding tanks. Please notify Marina personnel to arrange for use. Shore side facilities have complimentary showers for tenants and their young children only. Guests need to pay for shower use at the Marina office. Every user is responsible for helping maintain the cleanliness of all these facilities.
  12. Trash. No garbage, trash, fluids, or other debris shall be thrown overboard or left on Marina grounds. Trash must be in adequate bags and deposited in provided containers on shore at the Marina. Household trash from off-Marina Premises may not be discarded in Marina-provided trash receptacles. The Marina reserves the right to require anyone found discarding household trash at the Marina to remove such household trash or be banned from the Marina Premises.
  13. Pets. Pets must be under direct control of a responsible adult and shall be required to be removed if disturbing other users. All dogs must be leashed and under the control of their owner on the Marina Premises.
  14. Noise. Noise is a deterrent to everyone’s enjoyment of the waterfront. Excessive, bothersome noise from engines, radios, and other equipment is not permitted. Sailboat halyards and other such lines must be tied off to prevent stray noise.
  15. Soliciting. Soliciting or advertising is not permitted.
  16. Gate Card Access. After hours (and only during the hours determined by Marina, in its sole discretion), tenants may access Marina with an individualized gate card provided at the Marina management. Only immediate families have authority to use their assigned gate card. Use is monitored by the Marina for security and abuse of privilege will result in cancellation of gate card and possibly of the Marina Agreement with such user. If a tenant loses a gate access card, the tenant will be assessed a fee to replace such card and for the administrative burden of de-activating the lost card. No guest or other user that is not an immediate family member shall enter the Marina Premises outside of the Marina’s regular business hours.
  17. Disorderly Conduct. Marina management may terminate any Marina Agreement and/or remove and ban (for any period of time) any tenant, guest, or user from the Marina for any conduct that is (i) obnoxious, harassing, taunting, profane, chemically impaired, criminal, or otherwise disorderly (as determined by Marina management in its sole discretion), (ii) damage to the Marina or damage to personal property of or bodily injury to any other tenant, guest, or user, or (iii) any other violation of these Rules. Marina management reserves the right to require (including by contacting the Authorities) any tenant, guest, or user to leave the Marina Premises at any time for any or no reason.
  18. Outside Contractors. All vendors must obtain permission to work on any Watercraft, Lift, or any other property or vehicle anywhere on the Marina Premises at least 48 hours prior to any planned work on Marina grounds. The Marina may grant permission to such contractors upon their compliance with the Marina’s conditions and insurance requirements for contractors. Contractors working in the Marina must check in and out with the Marina office daily.
  19. Owner Work. Owners of watercraft registered with the Marina may perform minimal maintenance work on their boats. Extensive repair or work, such as oil changes, requires prior written permission and may result in a requirement to relocate work to a more suitable area. Guests and other users of the Marina are not permitted to do work at courtesy docks.
  20. Unoccupied Slips. The Marina reserves the right to make unoccupied licensed Docks available to transient boaters or for other uses for any period in which the tenant is not occupying such dock. However, no non-tenant Watercraft may be moored at any licensed Dock for nay amount of time, except the fuel dock or any other courtesy dock the Marina makes available, without first obtaining Marina management’s permission.  Watercraft owners shall notify the Marina of any planned overnight absences.
  21. Removal of Personal Property. Daily fees will be assessed for Watercraft or trailers left overnight by guests. If personal property is left thirty days, such property will be considered abandoned and the Marina will dispose of property as deemed appropriate.
  22. Parking. Parking is permitted only in designated, graveled areas for automobiles, golf cars, and trailers. No grass areas should be used. Parking in loading zones near courtesy slips is limited to 10 minutes. The launching/loading ramp access can be very congested and should never be used for parking, loading, or wiping down/cleaning Watercraft.

Please remember we are all here because we want to be, having fun with our families and friends. If something appears unsafe or wrong, please tell us about it and we will do our best to help correct the problem.