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Marina Rate Card

Note: All fees below do NOT include required Lake Lemon Conservancy District (“LLCD”) Fees (http://www.lakelemon.org/permits-costs/), including lake use permit fees, which the Marina will charge in addition to the fees below, plus an admin fee (see below). Payment options (including flexible and upfront options) are outlined in the Marina Dock Rental Agreement. The rates below are for the 2023 Season.

Seasonal Rates (Season is April 1 to October 31 each year)

  • Dock Rates
Dock TypeSize Rate*Boat Length Limit
Wet: Regular20’ L x 11’ W$1,530Up to 22’
Wet: Wide20’ L x 12’ W$1,658Up to 24’ (or for Lift)
Wet: Long and Wide24’ L x 12’ W$1,765>24’-30’
Personal Watercraft (PWC)N/A$750N/A
Dry DockN/A$1,300Up to 22′
* If you order Winter Services from the Marina for the immediately preceding Winter Season, you will receive a $50 discount on these fees.
  • Dock Box: $150 – 200 based on size
  • Shore Power: $70
  • Lift Fee: $100
  • Trailer Storage: $250
  • Daily Ramp Fee: $10 (in/out same day only; must pay fee again to remove boat another day)
  • Dock Licensee 2nd Boat Annual Launch Pass (Limited Number): $120
  • Season Launch Pass (Very limited number): $150
  • LLCD Dock Fee: TBD, check LLCD Site.
  • LLCD Annual Permit Admin Fee: $15
  • Winter Service Rates found/quoted at: https://lemonmarina.com/winter-services/

Daily or One-time Rates

  • Daily Launch Fee (limited daily based on activity): $10
  • New / Replacement Gate Access Card: $25
  • LLCD Permit Daily Permit Admin Fee: $6