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Watercraft Rentals

The Lake Lemon Marina provides half and full day rental of a Pontoons, kayaks, and Stand-up Paddle Boards (SUPs). Pets are NOT allowed on Pontoon Rentals, sorry. Your ability to book online stops 4 hours in advance, so call us at (812) 988-9400 for last minute rentals, we may still be able to accommodate you!

We now have implemented a new booking system with special (lower) rates for weekdays! You now must pay your security deposit in advance to complete your booking.

Choose your desired rental day and time period (4-hour or 8-hour) to see available options below or you can click on the rental items below to see a per item availability calendar. If a Pontoon is shown in yellow on its availability calendar, then it has been rented for a half day and you should change your rental period to a 4-hour period in the am or pm to make an additional booking that day.

* Price for Pontoon rental includes a tank of fuel. Licensee must refuel to the tank level of the Pontoon as received by Licensee at Licensee’s cost at the fuel pump provided at the Marina (no other fuel may be used) at the end of the Rental Period and shall not allow the tank to get below 1/8 full. Pick-up and return time for Pontoon will be as selected below but may be adjusted by Marina up to one-hour either way. Your booking is not complete until you sign a Watercraft Rental Agreement. Licensee must return the Watercraft at the end of the Rental Period as communicated to Licensee by Licensor at the time of booking, regardless of your pick-up time, or you will be charged $25 per 15-minute period you are late against your Deposit PLUS any fees Licensor must refund to any subsequent renter of the Watercraft due to Licensee’s lateness. See Booking and Cancellation Policy below.

Booking and Cancellation Policy

You must pay the Security Deposit online, or within 24 hours of us sending you an invoice for bookings not made online, in order to confirm your booking; no exceptions. We reserve the right to cancel any booking made without a payment of the Security Deposit up front or at any time before the Rental Period for any or no reason (and will refund any Security Deposit actually paid). By booking and paying the Security Deposit you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the Rental, you agree to abide by the Marina Rules and the additional rules for Boating Safety that are attached to the agreement (as well as all terms and conditions of the agreement). Anyone who will be operating a Pontoon will be required to pass a Boating Safety quiz as well.

A Renter may only cancel their Rental Agreement by giving the Marina at least 48 hours’ notice prior to the start of the Rental Period in writing (e-mail included), in which case Renter will be charged a cancellation fee (against the Deposit or otherwise) as liquidated damages equal to $75 for powered (e.g., Pontoon) Watercraft rentals and $25 for unpowered (e.g., Kayak, SuP) Watercraft rentals (“Cancellation Fee”). If Renter fails to arrive during the Rental Period or cancels any rental within 48 hours of the start of the Rental Period, the Cancellation Fee charged to Renter shall be the greater of $150 for powered Watercraft rentals and $25 for unpowered Watercraft rentals, which are liquidated damages for breach of the Rental Agreement. Licensor may terminate the Rental Agreement immediately (i) upon notice to Renter of any violation of the Rules, (ii) if Renter otherwise breaches the Agreement, (iii) if Renter fails to make payment or makes a Late Payment, or (iv) upon notice to Renter either prior to the the start of the Rental Period (for any or no reason) or at any time due to an event of Force Majeure that the Marina deems to render continuance of the Rental Agreement commercially impracticable or impossible for the Marina or potentially unsafe to Renter. The Marina shall retain any payments made by Renter prior to termination of this Agreement under part (i), (ii), or (iii) of the immediately preceding sentence as liquidated damages, which is a minimum amount that does not limit all damages or equitable relief to which Licensor may still be entitled at law, equity, or under this Agreement. For termination of the Rental Agreement by Licensor due to part (iv) of this Cancellation Policy, the Marina shall only return to Renter any pro-rata portion of the License Fee, for the remaining period of the Term (as well as refund any applicable portion of the Deposit).


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