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Watercraft Rentals

The Lake Lemon Marina provides half and full day rental of a Pontoons, kayaks, and Stand-up Paddle Boards (SUPs). Pets are NOT allowed on Pontoon Rentals, sorry.

Watercraft4 hour 8-hourDeposit
Luxury 25′ Pontoon 115hp (10-12 people)$275*$385*$299
Pull-behind Tube Rental (Includes tow rope; 25′ Pontoon Only)$35$50$25
Pontoon 20’ 60hp
(6-8 people)
1-person Kayak (Sit-in)$35$50$25
2-person Kayak (Sit-in)$40$55$25
Stand-up Paddle Board (SUP)$35$50$25

* Price for Pontoon rental includes a tank of fuel. Licensee must refuel to the tank level of the Pontoon as received by Licensee at Licensee’s cost at the fuel pump provided at the Marina (no other fuel may be used) at the end of the Rental Period and shall not allow the tank to get below 1/8 full. Pick-up and return time for Pontoon will be as selected below but may be adjusted by Marina up to one-hour either way. Your booking is not complete until you sign a Watercraft Rental Agreement. Licensee must return the Watercraft at the end of the Rental Period as communicated to Licensee by Licensor at the time of booking, regardless of your pick-up time, or you will be charged $25 per 15-minute period you are late against your Deposit PLUS any fees Licensor must refund to any subsequent renter of the Watercraft due to Licensee’s lateness. See Booking and Cancellation Policy at the bottom of this page.

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Luxury 25′ Crest Pontoon

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Kayaks and Stand-up Paddle Boards

Booking and Cancellation Policy

Your completion of a booking form on this page does NOT guarantee your reservation. To confirm your reservation, you must sign our Watercraft Rental Agreement and pay the deposit specified above. Only then will the watercraft be reserved for you. We reserve the right to cancel any booking made here for which a person fails to sign our agreement or pay the associated deposit within 24 hours of receiving a request for signature and payment of deposit. By booking and signing a rental agreement, you agree to abide by the Marina Rules and the additional rules for Boating Safety that are attached to the agreement (as well as all terms and conditions of the agreement). Anyone who will be operating a Pontoon will be required to pass a Boating Safety quiz as well.

Once your booking is confirmed as outlined above, you may only cancel your booking by giving us at least 48 hours’ notice prior to the start of the Rental Period in writing (e-mail included), in which case you will be charged a cancellation fee as liquidated damages equal to 50% of the Deposit amount for 4-hour rentals (rounded up to the nearest dollar) or 100% of the Deposit amount for 8-hour rentals (“Cancellation Fee”). If you fail to arrive during the Rental Period or cancel any rental within 48 hours of the start of the Rental Period, the Cancellation Fee charged will be 100% of the Deposit plus 50% of the License Fee.