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Winter Storage & Service Request Order Form


  • All valuables, drinks, food, trash, towels, tubes / lilly pads, etc. must be removed from boat prior to service. We are not responsible for any items left in the boat. We take no responsibility for any weather-related damage or theft to your boat or your belongings therein.
  • Keys and boat covers must be provided in order for Marina to return your boat to the water in Spring Time.
  • Customer provided trailers must be roadworthy and in good operating condition and brought to the Marina, unless other arrangements are made with Marina in advance.
  • Your Winter Storage spot is not guaranteed until we accept this order and you pay the $100 deposit to hold the space. There is no upfront deposit if you select only Winter Services below and not Storage.
  • Read the Terms & Conditions at the bottom of this page carefully and completely before submitting. This page and these bullets are hereby also made part of the Terms & Conditions.
  • If you select winterization services below along with storage and you attempt to de-winterize your boat yourself or by a third-party or try to run your boat before we de-winterize, we take no responsibility for the state of your engine and reserve the right to immediately terminate your storage and any remaining Winter Services under this Agreement.
  • If you choose shrink-wrap and/or store with us and do not purchase Winterization Services, we will assume that you are performing those services yourself or through a professional prior to you dropping off your boat with us and we take no responsibility for any damage to your engine if you fail to properly winterize it prior to turning your boat over to us.
  • If you contract with a third-party contractor for any of these service to be performed on Marina grounds, you must follow Section 18 of the Marina Rules prior to any such contractor entering our property.